• Finn Fleming

What came first, the broccoli or the tree?

The answer is obviously the egg by the way. Anyway once I had all the fundamental elements of the game in place (the hands, the club, the "ball", the flag, the course, the cart), I did a quick tree model, added some fog to obscure the mountains and found a skybox that I liked to set the mood. Then I spent an ungodly amount of time getting Demon King, who is now called Satan, to play golf like a proper gentledemon. I also did some custom lettering for the game's title (GOLF: original, right?) and made 3D models of the letters so that they can be knocked over and generally messed with in the game world. I did a bit of work trying to make a nice composition for this area as this would be the first thing new players would see when beginning the game. I thought it would be cool for Satan to run into the title and knock over the "L" and "F" letters leaving the word "GO" as an instruction or potentially a button for the player to start the game.

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