• Finn Fleming

The Four Kingdoms

I had some people play-test the game and fill out a short feedback survey. After looking at all the feedback, I realised that I needed to make some changes and improvements to both the game world and gameplay. The game was fun but still lacked a sense of progression and goal-oriented gameplay. To give the Player a better sense of progression, the different areas in the game would need to feel more visually distinct from one another. The river also needed work so I went back into 3DS Max and spent a day or two fixing up the game environment. I split the world up into distinct forest, ice, desert, and fire areas. For the two existing minion types, I delegated the timid minions to the forest area and the aggressive ones to the fire area. I then came up with two new behaviours for the ice and desert minions. Each behaviour is designed to gently push the Player's skill further. Ice minions roll to a halt more quickly, encouraging the Player to take riskier, more powerful shots. Desert Minions hide when the Player approaches, leaving only a brief window of opportunity that requires good timing and precision to seize. Each behaviour type is partly designed to foreshadow the next, preparing the Player for the challenges that lie ahead.

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