• Finn Fleming

The Antagonist

To give the Player some company, I started working on Demon King, the game's main antagonist as well as some cute creepy minions that would replace the environmental boxes as the projectiles that the player would be able to send flying around the world. In contrast to Demon Kings serpentine S-figure, I made the minions round so that they would roll around in a predictable way and encourage the Player to think of them like a ball. I gave the minions the ability to send "interactive" fireballs hurtling toward the Player. The idea was to give the Player a range of options for overcoming threats. For example: dodge the fireball and punch the minion, or dodge the minion and punch the fireball, or punch the fireball into a minion, or punch the minion into another minion, or punch a minion into a fireball. I experimented with systemic rules that the Player would be able to learn quickly and utilise in creative and comedic ways.

I also started to experiment with a new idea for player movement. Instead of running around with the arrow keys, I was interested in a snooker-style game mechanic where the player would slingshot themselves around the map like a ball. I made a prototype to see how it would feel and although I liked it, I decided it wouldn't fit well with the punching mechanic.

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