• Finn Fleming

Lend me a hand

From the beginning it was important to me to make something quirky and different, so i did some research into golf games and I noticed a bit of a trend in the genre: It seemed that every golf game i could find was set in the third person so I decided a fun way to stand out and make something interesting would be to go for a first-person perspective. This would not only give the game something of a unique selling point but it would also create challenging design problems that would be interesting for me to solve later. The Player would need some way to get "hands-on" with the game world and I liked the idea of white, mickey-mouse style glove hands as a way for them to do this. I was also thinking about white golf gloves and the type of floating hands that you see in a lot of virtual reality games and I thought it could be interesting to try this out, so I found a nice reference image that I liked the look of and started modelling a hand!

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