• Finn Fleming

Fired up

The new aiming system feels much better. It makes it fairly easy to hit the "ball" in the right direction but in exchange makes it harder to apply the correct amount of force to cover the desired distance. I wanted to make long shots feel really powerful and impactful, so I added a lot of feedback to both the charge-up phase as well as to the shot itself. Instead of something boring like a slider, I did an animation for the left hand that would show the force of a shot as it was being charged up. The fingers of the left hand curl in on the palm one by one, the hands and club shake with rising intensity, at near max force the hand catches fire (I spent ages on that fire, I hope you love it :)) and the golf club begins to glow red hot. When the shot is unleashed, the "ball" is sent rocketing into the sky with a trail of fire behind it, slowing down time at the moment of impact, violently shaking the camera and snapping the field of view out wide before slowly reeling it back in, almost like the player is being thrown backward by the recoil of a cannon or some other such large and destructive armament. In culmination, these effects ensure that the charged shot, especially at maximum force, feels incredibly satisfying to unleash upon your target. I was very pleased with how this turned out.

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